How to output JSON format value in DMN?

I want to output a JSON format value in DMN with the following testJson.dmn. It throws exception: DMN-01002 Unable to evaluate expression for language ‘juel’: ‘${"{“1”:299,“3”:201,“6”:179,“9”:173,“12”:171}"}’
how to handle this?
testJson.dmn (1.5 KB)


You can try escaping the JSON string for example:



I did use this escaping format, and it did not work. I finally find a way out, use
Escape character “”, for example: “{“1”:299,“3”:300,“6”:179,“9”:173,“12”:171}”. There is no exception, but this seems not friendly to user to config. Any other way to handle this?

oops~ backslash can not display in the forum. I know u are right, buddy. Thanks!

Any other solutions except using backslash to escape the JSON string?