How to patch level update CamundaPlatformRun package


We’re using CamundaPlatformRun v7.18.0 on MSSQL Server.

I want to update CamundaPlatformRun from v7.18.0 to v7.18.5, I’ve read Patch Level Update part at the documentation, but I’m not completely sure how to do it.

Can you please help me how to proceed step by step without losing the v7.18.0 data on MSSQL Server?

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Hi @qube,

you just have to change the jar file or the docker container.

There is no Database update required: Install the Database Schema |

Hope this helps, Ingo

Hello @Ingo_Richtsmeier,

Thank you for your message.

Which jar file or jar files do you mean? There are a lot of jar files in camunda-bpm-run-ee-7.18.5-ee folder and its subdirectories. Do I need to change all the jars?

Do you have a sequential procedure for this in a straight way? :slight_smile:
Stop Camunda…
Take this new jar file and replace it…
Take this new bat file and replace it…
Start Camunda…

Yes, as you said and in the documentation Between patch levels, the structure of the database schema does not change.


Hi @qube,

it depends how Camunda 7 Run is installed.

If you have just extracted the zip to a folder on a local hard disk, extract the new version to a folder next to the running one.
Copy the files from the configuration subfolders, that you have touched in the running version, to the new folder.

Stop the old engine and restart the new one.

Double check if all files from the old installation exist in the new folder. If yes, you can delete the old folder.

Hope this helps, Ingo

Hello @Ingo_Richtsmeier

I was thinking to ask the same procedure to you to validate… A quick and practical solution!

Thanks for your message.


One last question about this subject: Where can I see which CamundaPlatformRun version (with patch level version information, like v7.18.5) I’m using? Camunda REST API or database?


Hi @qube,

there are several ways:

Hope this helps, Ingo

Many thanks @Ingo_Richtsmeier !