How to read google form sheet value in Camunda

Hi Team,

We wanted to read google form sheet value in Camunda workflow task.

Example: We have feedback google form and that form share with customer. we get response in google form sheet and we wanted to catch response in Camunda workflow task.

Could you please share some sample camunda bpmn file to easy for us?

Hello @santosh_t2 ,

as this is a public forum and not a support line with SLA, please be patient.

I now found your Thread and can give you the advice of looking for the Google Docs API. This API can be accessed from your Service Implementation, either in Java as Delegate or as External Task Worker.

I hope this helps


Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for your reply and sorry for multiple message.
Do you have any sample bpmn files related to get google sheet? its really help us for quick solution.


Hello @santosh_t2 ,

in my opinion, this is more of an implementation thing. The process could contain just a simple service task called “Get form data from Google”. The interesting thing here is the implementation.

And this is completely independent from our engine.