How to restrict the user who started the process (Task Created) should not claim and complete the same task by himself

Hi Camunda Team,
I have a user called MrUserA and candidateGroup as Approvers in Camunda, MrUserA has logged in and started the process and a Task has been created in Camunda Tasklist.

Now MrUserA has the access to claim and complete the task. how can I restrict MrUserA should not claim and complete the task as he is the creator of that process and task.

Now I have another user called MrUserB who has been added to candidateGroup which is Approvers, MrUserB should be able to claim and complete the process and task that has been created by MrUserA. Because both the users are belonging to same Group (Apporvers Group).

Could you please help on this how to proceed this in Camunda.


@Ingo_Richtsmeier , @tasso94 , @Niall : Could you please help me on this

Hi @Ramanaiah,

your description reminds me of the common four eyes principle.

You can find some examples here: camunda-7-code-examples/snippets/four-eyes-advanced at master · camunda-consulting/camunda-7-code-examples · GitHub.

The user ID who started the process instance can be saved in a process variable specified in the initiator field on the start event.

Hope this helps, Ingo