How to set environment variables for Zeebe

I follow this, link, and read:
“Set the environment variables accordingly to your operation system.”
But were is the link to How I do it, pleas add that!

I cant find the information and have used google alot now.
How do I do?

This userguide, link, is not complete that you can follow it either. It assumes that you have set the variables but not showing that.

I use Camunda Cloud.
Hope for some help :smiley:

Camunda cloud have a pop-up that I can’t run. Some information is missing.
Screenshot 2020-10-12 122030

Hi @Hula,

What operating system are you running? Setting environment variables is not a Zeebe-specific thing, it is an operating system thing.

If you search on the internet for "set environment variables " you will find what you are looking for.

When you say that you “can’t run” the pop-up and that “some information is missing” -

  1. What are the exact steps that you do? Example: I copy the contents of the pop-up, open a zsh terminal on my Mac, and paste the contents in. Then I run zbctl status and I see the following message: “…”

  2. What information is missing?

Thank you for your clarification!
Now it’s work…

I use Windows 10.
I had to manually add them. I can’t copy and paste from the pop-up to the cmd and run the lines, it’s gives errors.

“Basically: After creating a client, export statements are displayed which set all necessary environment variables.”
“To connect to this cluster with a zeebe client library, copy the code and paste it into the terminal.”

I interpret all this as meaning that you should enter it in zbctl - even if I guessed that it was the usual environmental variables that were meant.