How to setup probeTimeout on cluster

We using zeebe in Spring Boot microservice, spring-zeebe-starter: 0.23.0 is on dependencies.
I have next error on my Zeebe test:

io.zeebe.client.api.command.ClientStatusException: Time out between gateway and broker: Request type command-api-1 timed out in 2000 milliseconds

So I’d like to increase this timeout. I assumes this should be probeTimeout (ZEEBE_BROKER_CLUSTER_MEMBERSHIP_PROBETIMEOUT according to

I tried to configure it in application.yaml:

      plaintext: true
        probeTimeout: 10s

But it didn’t helped.

So the questions are:

  1. How to change the timeout between gateway and zeebe broker?
  2. How to setup probeTimeout mentioned above?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @unrec,

Sorry to see that your question has not yet been answered. Hope I can help you out.

The probeTimeout config property is specific to the cluster gossip membership protocol. It allows nodes in the cluster to know which other nodes are in the cluster. See:

Your error is a specific timeout between the gateway and a broker. This is defined in the gateway configurations (either in or in zeebe.gateway, depending on whether you use an embedded gateway in the broker or a standalone gateway, respectively). I believe that the specific config property you’re looking for is gateway.cluster. requestTimeout (in or zeebe as mentioned before). See:

I hope this helps :slight_smile:


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