How to start up a system process in pyzeebe worker?

I use pyzeebe , the python package for zeebe. But I found that I can’t start up a python Process() in my worker, the error code show that gRPC do not allow fork. The error code is down below.

Other threads are currently calling into gRPC, skipping fork() handlers

My python code is

import asyncio
from multiprocessing import Process
from pyzeebe import ZeebeWorker, ZeebeClient, create_insecure_channel, Job
from time import sleep
@worker.task(task_type="foo-service-one", max_jobs_to_activate=10000, max_running_jobs=100, timeout_ms=int(1e18))
async def foo_service_one(job: Job, runtime_id):
    print('Work1',"%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S.%f")[:-3], "with key:", job.process_instance_key, 'variables:', job.variables, 'element_id:', job.element_id)
    p = Process(target=hardworking)

def hardworking():
    print('hardworking start')
    loop = asyncio.get_event_loop()
    loop.run_until_complete(publish_message(client, 'one_success', 'runtime_id', 2000))
    print('hardworking over')

So, what should I do to hand the time-consuming task to my system?

I tried my code in windows and it work, but it went wrong in linux.