How to stored data in "DataObjects"?


I’m struggling to understand the value or usage of “DataObject” (or DataObjectReference) in BPMN files. When a process instance is created in the engine, how to set values for DataObjects?
In the engine, we can set variables with runtimeService.setVariable().

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Hi Eddie,

In Camunda, data objects can only be used for documentation purposes. The engine ignores them, so there is no way to set a value.


Hi Thorben,

Thx for the quick answer. That explains why I couldn’t find any reference in the API about them (only in the model builder).

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DataObjectReference is still not supported and thus it has no execution semantics (i.e., it’s only for visualization/documentation purposes). But what is the value of the Properties field in the Extensions tab of the element? Is there any intention to provide any support in the future?