How to take inputs from DB for creating rules in DMN

I have one use case where the user has to select from multiple options for the input to evaluate the rule. Rather than creating options as predefined values, I want those values to come from DB like Postgres or MySQL. Any suggestions on that?

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I’m not sure if it is possible that before the decision making point, You call a external service task, Query your data from DB, and then add a variable containing your data to the process object in that external service. Then you can access it via the expression.

As @Meysam_Karimi suggested, the cleanest way to do this would be to put a BPMN around the DMN, with a User Task “Collect Data” before the “Evaluate Business Rule” (DMN) task.

You would likely use a form for that User Task, which can then be populated/validated from values in a business system

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