How to use data received from remote service in camunda connector?

I have to invoke remote service by camunda http rest connector and when i got response from it i have to send response data to second process , and i would like to know how can i process response data so that i could send it to the second process?

Hi @Sally,

you have to define the process variable for the response in the output parameter of the connector. Then you can work further with this process variable.

Does it help?


thank you i will try it

i have used output vaiable for catching rest service response data my jss code inside connector looks like this :
var nameGE= S(response).prop(“organizationNameGE”);
and i want to make and use an output variable from it.
but when i try to strat process inside camnuda environmet exception is thrown:

Unable to evaluate script: ReferenceError: “execution” is not defined in at line number

Hi @Sally,

do you use an external or inline script inside your connector configuration?
It is not necessary to use execution.setVariable().
When you use an external script, it should be enough to have only the line S(response).prop(“organizationNameGE”); in it.


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thank you, it was very helpful