How to use Message based event?

Hi ,
I created a process-definition that looks like this :

I want to start a process-instance at any stage using the message based event .

When I call the “/message” rest-api , it gives an error HTTP 405.


My questions are:
Is there anything additional that we need to configure before starting this ?
What is the procedure to trigger a message based event ?

That configuration should work without any problems.
What is the payload you’re giving along with that rest call?

Also - It might be easier to use the rest API in order to start a process from any symbol. You can find an example here in the docs.

Hi @Niall ,
The above problem is now resolved , i was using a GET method , instead of POST ( in postman). :smile:

I have one question though , when , i was triggering a message-based-event , it gave no response ( HTTP 204-no content ) , shouldn’t it return a process-instance (instead a 204 ) .

Is there any way to return/get the process-instance ?

Sure - in the docs you’ll see there a boolean you can send it your request "restultEnables" : true
That’ll return more details you can see an example on the docs page.

Thanks @Niall , worked like a charm , you just made my life a lot easier …

I added : “resultEnabled” : true , and it returned the " process instance id"…

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