How to use this forum web-app features?

Is there a help-site for the features/controls on forum tools?

For example:
where is the list of formatting options - such as source (java) formats?

  • thanks.

There’s this post from @thorben - he might know where to find more details though.

As stated in the link provided by Niall, this forum uses Markdown for formatting. Do you have any specific question on top of that?


But… I’m assuming that there’s a “org” or “com” site for this forums base software. And, with that URL, I can reference the full suite of formatting options.

PS: The “short-cut” keys are dangerious. I just hit the cntrl-shft-q by accident (was intending cntr-shft-c). In Chrome… this kills all instances of the browser. The post when “poof”! Oh well. Was getting a little verbose anyways.

got it - thanks. The ‘markdown’ link is what I needed.

test java:

if (true) {


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Great you figured it out. The forum software we use is Discourse: