How to verify what modifications on process were made by particular user?

i’m facing an issue where i need to verify (manually in cockpit or just query in data base, doesn’t matter) what modification on process did particular user made manually in cockpit. I couldn’t find such option in cockpit, maybe i missed it somewhere?
I’m interested in information:
time stamp + user id + process instance id + Operation type + property + old value + new value + activity ID

I’m aware that i need to join both runtime and history tables but i’m not sure which ones should be joined with OP_LOG and on which attribute should i match them.

Could you support me on this one?



Could you give some examples of what does modification on process mean for you?
Maybe this query will be helpful for you -
Within the last alpha release 7.9.0-alpha1 we introduced Manual User Operations in Cockpit (enterprise version).

Hope that helps.

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Hi Yana,
by modification on process i mean moving activity token from one activity to another, as a result i would like to see which activity was canceled and which started by particular user.

About this query you linked, when i searched for particular user operations, it caused NPE (i’m logged in as admin):

java.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.NullPointerException$1.execute($1.execute(
root cause


Therefore i’m more interested in SQL query to find user operations. Could you point me to DB tables which should i join to see this?