How we can deploy process created by programatically using Fuilent Model API?

I have created process using BPMN model API . I tried to deploy on process engine but it fails so any configuration required to deploy process??

Hi Pradip,

did you already check your solution against camunda-bpm-examples/bpmn-model-api/generate-process-fluent-api at master · camunda/camunda-bpm-examples · GitHub ?

After creating the model on the fly, it deploys the model with:

processEngine.getRepositoryService().createDeployment().addModelInstance("invoice.bpmn", modelInstance).deploy();

This example uses camunda.cfg.xml configuration. Other possibilities are described here: Process Engine Bootstrapping |

If you get stuck, please provide more infos such as the error-msg, your deployment scenario (embedded, shared, standalone etc.)