How would one change GUI-display of BPMN-Elements based on XML-Properties

I’m working on the Java side of business modeling.
Our business logic modeling via the Camunda Modeler often cannot afford to have certain aspects of the logic of the process “hidden” in UI. Unfortunately these are often things one might technically put in a Listener, or EL-level variable definition just fine.
So, if for example I wanted to add a visual cog on the border of a User Task Element in the UI, or have whenever there is a Listener defined for it - is there a semi-canonical way to do that?

I know little JS, but I guess there might be some kind of bpmn-interpreting rendering of the UI-objects, and I wonder where to find it in the code - what I found on git didn’t yield insight for me and is fairly undocumented.
Also I wonder how intensive what I am trying to do is gonna be in the end.

I would much appreciate any help.

Hi @designerfriedrich,

Does this modeler plugin already fulfill your requirements?

If not, you can maybe use it as a starting point for how to build such a thing.


thanks a lot, that looks really helpful. I will assess this further.
Best wishes