HTCL-02007 Unable to execute HTTP request Again

We are not 100% sure this is related but our server was recently attacked and to solve the problem we locked down all inbound ports.

A few days after the attack we noticed some of our processes would not launch which is triggered by an internal NodeRed flow using IP to access the local Camunda API.

I found this thread titled HTCL-02007 Unable to execute HTTP request - Process Engine - Camunda Platform Forum which gave me the impression it was an inbound port being blocked, but the guy did not offer an exact port.

In a test we opened the inbound ports and we got a different error which gives us the idea some inbound port is needed for Camunda processes to run, even though we are accessing internally using

Can anyone offer any advice?

@Niall I’m confused. I did what everyone is told to do before asking a question; I researched.

I found a post that was exactly the same as my problem so I posted on it to get an update for possible future people to follow.

You took the time to close which was more a moderator function, versus posting a solution.

I then did the 2nd thing every says to do on a forums, start your own post.

I’m wonder in 100 years when Data Science get the data, which produces more results, Moderating or Helping?

I prefer to help, than hinder.

Often if there are 2 posts asking the same question it can be harder keep the context of the discussion and the eventual answer in one place. I closed the other thread because when you get an answer it’s more helpful for people in the future to find and understand it if it’s all in one thread.

Sounds good… I idea was to treat both post like documentation and inter-link them for future searchers. If you noticed the people were already posting on the last post looking for a solution.

Good idea - i’ve done that now.

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