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Hello @vdutt ,

from what I can see in our conversation, you are using Camunda Run. If you do so, this place will help you:

For Spring-Boot, Tomcat or other Application Server, please check out the platform-wise guide as we only make use of their standards.



I am not using Camunda run, i am now using Camunda Enterprise Trial License. We are evaluating Camunda product and we have to finish the POC soon.I tried to reach Camunda phone numbers and left voice email, but no one called back.

Which is the document for logging for Camunda Enterprise?

Hello @vdutt ,

also when using Camunda Enterprise, you have the engine running inside a certain distro (Spring-Boot, Run, Wildfly, …).

Anyway, I redirected your request towards our pre-sales consulting team. They will get in touch with you soon.


You’ll find the docs regarding logging here: Logging |

Best, McAlm

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Have the same issue using Camunda run.
I put
into configuration\userlib
But deploy still not working.
How to solve It?

The problem have solved. I just needed to restart camunda run after adding jar files.

Thanks for that @Gennadich

Just wanted to note here that the next version of Camunda 7.17 - these jars will be added to Camunda Run by default so this shouldn’t be necessary.

This is great news. I’m very new at camunda, I saw your getting started videos, they are very helpfull, but, I got confused about how to use http-connect in scenarios when we need to send some params using rest and receive back other params. It took me more than a day to handle It. Meanwhile, this is the main snenario of running business logic when you are writing on not java language. For example, we are using .net and just starting to try camunda.

I’m really happy to hear you got some helpful advice from those tutorials thanks for letting me know :slight_smile:

Yeah, a lot of people use http-connectors but i think external tasks tend to be easier to use and maintiain in the long term, espeically if you don’t want to deal with java