Http Connectors 403 error

Hi, I have two definitions and using HttpConnectors to connect to two different API(A and B patch requests). A is working properly. B is not working some times I get the output and some times I am getting 403 Forbidden status. (There is no security on the API). I can access this API outside camunda. I am really confused on why I am getting forbidden status and why it works sometimes
Thanks in Advance

i had a similar problem a while back and i never got an answer for that as i never asked a question… so i wanted to ask you to update if you do find an answer. thanks

Hi, I found the issue, First time when we hit the URL it works fine but second time cookie is getting added to the request so the API is showing 403 forbidden status. This is also happens in Postman you can Check there. Now I am trying to Disable or clear Cookies for every request. If you find any docs related please do share