HTTP Webhook Connector URL


I have Camunda Platform 8 Self-Managed running via Docker Compose. I’m trying to set up an HTTP Webhook inbound connector to start a process instance in Camunda externally.

Documentation (HTTP Webhook | Camunda Platform 8 Docs) specifies this step:
“In the Webhook Configuration section, set the Webhook ID. This value is used to build a URL endpoint of your webhook. For example, given the Webhook ID value is myWebhookPath, the complete webhook URL endpoint will be http(s)://<base URL>/inbound/myWebhookPath.”
I deployed a model using a webhook template but having problems with the REST endpoint.

What should the point to? In docker-compose.yaml connectors container is configured to listen on port 8085 so I tried http://localhost:8085/inbound/myWebhookPath but it won’t accept any POST requests.

Thank you.

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It depends on the container networking.

Just to check, you set the value in the configuration as myWebhookPath, right? Not the entire URL…


Correct. Just ‘myWebhookPath’:

I’m using docker-compose.yaml from here: camunda-platform/docker-compose.yaml at main · camunda/camunda-platform · GitHub. I did change the value of CAMUNDA_CONNECTOR_WEBHOOK_ENABLED to “true” in the file.

Couldn’t find that setting (anymore?) in the yaml file and assume it’s because of a change in the configuration of inbound webhook handling.
So if I understand the self-managed inbound Webhook docs right, the caller should reach the connectors framework.
So baseURL is typically localhost:8085 am I right?