Human Task Authorizations

Hi guys,
I need to protect the access of some human tasks to a limited group of users. Is it possible whit basic features of Camunda?

I tried to configure my local environment:

  • I create my custom group, MY_GROUP
  • I create my custom USER, MY_USER, and I have associated him to MY_GROUP
  • Into my BPMN file, for specific Human Task, I setted candidateGroup=MY_GROUP. Is it ok?

This configuration doesn’t work. The Human Task is claimable and completable by everyone.

Thanks in advance

You have to enable the authorization first, see It is disabled by default.

Thanks @banterCZ, I configured correctly my environment but I don’t understand How can I protect the Human Tasks. Do you have any tips for me?


There is an example how to create an Authorization

It does not work for me yet, I opened a question as well Understanding authorizationEnabled