Human Task user assignment

I have been using Camunda Modeller for defining bpmn-based workflows and executing them using an open source npm library in our NodeJs backend. We are now planning to move to a cloud-native workflow engine and Zeebe looks promising.
My question is about managing human tasks where the workflow is supposed to pause until a user takes an action that would resume the workflow from the same point. We are in a logistics business and human-handoff is one of the basic requirements.
What would I need to do to utilize the user accounts/roles defined in my system right from the workflow? I have gone through the task list application but that does not explain how external users can be incorporated.

Looking forward to some lead from the community members. Thanks

Ad far as i know operate and task list use only demo user as user managment, and work better in camunda cloud commercial platform

Yes, this looks like the case. I am looking for some direction if I need to setup a similar task list in my own custom solution how should I go about it.
I can think of some workarounds like using Receive message tasks to wait for user actions to resume the workflow but was hoping that something could be done out-of-the-box in Zeebe like it has been done in the demo task list app.

@berndruecker, tagging you just in case you get a chance to look at my query :slight_smile:

Haider - sorry for the delay in looking at this!

We are currently enhancing human task support in Zeebe/Camunda Cloud. Assigning tasks to users or roles is one of the things we planned for the January 2022 release. As soon as we have added it you will also be able to use it in the provided tasklist.

If you can’t wait for this you could either go with Camunda Platform (that has these features baked in) or think about a workaround. Depends on your timeline - if you can wait I would actually wait.


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Hi @berndruecker,

when is this scheduled to release?


Hi Rofelio!
Task assignment has been released with the recent 1.3 release: User tasks | Camunda Cloud Docs.