I don't understand Zeebe

I am new in Zeebe, I read that zeebe is a Microservices Orchestration. A made an example with a java client all good, but I don’t understand in Zeebe how integrate my api rest (i have a spring boot rest services) with zeebe, Who call to api? Zeebe? I’m confused.

Zeebe is a gRPC microservices orchestrator where your microservices subscribe to task types, and are orchestrated by the BPM.

Do you already have existing REST microservices, or are you starting from scratch?

Hello jwulf

Thank you for your response

I already have my Rest Application with Spring Boot, several microservices. I want to use Zeebe

Zeebe does not invoke REST resources, so you need to invoke the REST services from a gRPC microservice. See here: https://github.com/salaboy/zeebe-worker-spring-boot-example

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Thank you, i will see the example…

It is from here:

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