I need help

hello, everyone… I want someone can explain to me how to connect BPMN with a web app(ex: student admission ) , I first draw the BPMN by the modeler and start the process by toolkit.
and I have a sample form of student admission written by HTML and PHP language.
i need steps to how to connect that BPMN with the PHP form.
pleas help me .
many thanks .

Hi @sunds
I thinks you should use External Task as described in the following link

The easily way to link a user task in Camunda to any front end is to follow the following patters.

In the case where you’ve got a completely independent front end application. You should create a user task and add a form key that references that front end that should appear. (This could be a file name or just a key)

Query the engine for available task

Your front end can query the REST api for available tasks. Depending on the context of your front end you might be querying for a logged in user or for a specific process key or even a business key.

Find the front end that the task relates to

When you get the tasks back the form key will help you relate the task to the front end it’s intended to display

Complete the task and start again.

Once the user has done what they need to do with the task, they can then complete the task using the the related rest api call.

Then you’d simply repeat the steps again to get the next task.