Implement Execution listener when using Standalone Camunda Engine

Hi Team,

I have planned to opt using standalone Camunda BPM Run (enterprise) for my application where I just am running the start.bat file to start up Camunda Process Engine.
For Service Tasks, I am using External Worker Application.

I am slightly confused on how can I implement TaskListeners, Execution Listerners here?
Earlier when I had opted for Embedded Camunda Engine, I used to have the logic implemented in the Springboot Application itself.
So in Standalone, how can I achieve this.

Kindly share your thoughts to help me progress.

Hello @Saju_John_Sebastian1 ,

as execution listeners are executed within a thread, they cannot be executed external.

There are 2 Options to use them:

  1. use internal scripts or expressions only
  2. Create an artefact containing the listeners you would like to use and add them to the userlib folder. From there, they are read into the classpath.

I hope this helps


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