Implemented Okta sso OIDC and SAML

Hi Team, This is not an issue but a small contribution from my side to Camunda community. I have recently implemented sso in Camunda webapps via okta successfully and thought of sharing with everyone.

I am open for feedback and suggestions, please review the code, use this and share with me if you see any issue.

Features :

  • Single Sign On
  • Single Logout
  • Protect REST API via Basic Auth

I am also working on few more projects and keep sharing as we go.

  • Okta SSO via SAML 2.0
  • Okta Client Credentials flow to protect REST Services via JWT

Cheers !!
Amar Deep Singh

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SAML2 Based
I have added one more repo for SAML2.0 based okta integration. However in 2022 , OIDC is preferred approach. If you have to use SAML2 because of some organizational constraints you may take it a reference implementation.

Git Repo
amardeep2006/camunda-okta-saml-sso: okta implementation using saml2 in camunda 7 (