Incidents with null values for configuration, jobDefinitionId

Hi community,

I am working on resolving incidents(failed jobs) occurring as part of the Camunda flow. While working on this, I found out that the process seems to have a lot of incidents like with fields like configuration=null, incidentMessage=null, jobDefinitionId=null

One such example is down below -

IncidentEntity[id=0c4c9d54-66a0-11eb-8639-00505691c565, incidentTimestamp=Thu Feb 04 04:18:35 UTC 2021, incidentType=failedJob, executionId=056d6d24-66a0-11eb-8639-00505691c565, activityId=Activity_1wtxyel, processInstanceId=023e2607-66a0-11eb-8639-00505691c565, processDefinitionId=processDef:214:dd670e94-6699-11eb-8639-00505691c565, causeIncidentId=0c4c2823-66a0-11eb-8639-00505691c565, rootCauseIncidentId=0c4c2823-66a0-11eb-8639-00505691c565, configuration=null, tenantId=null, incidentMessage=null, jobDefinitionId=null]

Therefore, I have 2 questions to ask.

  1. What causes such type of cases with null values for configuration and job definition?
  2. How to resolve/delete such failed incidents from the engine? (The APIs do not work due to null values of job id/configuration)


Hi @Niall @Yana @thorben

Could you please guide me in the right direction? I have gone through the docs thoroughly now.
if I seem to be missing something, a nudge in the right direction would be highly appreciated.


Hi @prateek_gulati,

You might need to resolve the root cause incidents first, have a look a incident with id 0c4c2823-66a0-11eb-8639-00505691c565 - the rootCauseIncidentId. It better to explore and understand the use case where the incident occur, to do so check the process instance where incident is reported (processInstanceId=023e2607-66a0-11eb-8639-00505691c565). Such incidents might happen in scenarios of calling activities or subprocesses.

Keep in might that tagging specific users is not recommended and does not guarantee visibility of the topic. It is better to validate if you provided all of the possible information, for example Camunda version, use case description, etc.

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thanks @Yana
Edit :
I understand that tagging users is not a good practice and will add more details in the post, I wanted support from the forum as this query had been here for a week and affecting our business.
Hope you can understand.

Hi @prateek_gulati,

I understand that every topic is relevant to individuals, and no answer might create frustration, delays in implementation, impact products. Keep in mind that the forum is community based:

I encourage you to have a look at the FAQ.

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