Inconsistent activityInstanceId for processInstanceId

Hi Community,
I have a certain sets of task one after another inside a sub-process, in each task I set one Process Variable using execution.setVariable("variableName", "variableStatus", "currentactivityId");.

In my local, when I debug for the values, I query the Historic variables using historyService.createHistoricVariableInstanceQuery(): Observation -

  1. For the variable from 1st task => the activityInstanceId has subprocess name in it and not the task name. (Inconsistent)
    activityInstanceId=subprocess:7ce5fe92-515d-11ee-9cd1-00ff16408017. The string ‘subprocess’ is the name of subprocess.

  2. For the variable from 2nd task => the activityInstanceId has taskname in it. Which seems fine.
    activityInstanceId=task2:0eab9d95-4f2b-11ee-b28d-00ff16408017. The string ‘task2’ is the name of task anme.

Can some please suggest and help me with this, if this was encountered before or is an expected behavior?

Hello my friend!

Have you tried doing the same search through Postman or Insomnia?

William Robert Alves