Input variables how to get from service task?

I have service task “checkExternalAml”, before this process event, i fill json object.

how to get variable from json in service task?

String iin = job.getVariable(“user.iin”) not working?

Are you using Camunda 7 or Camunda 8?

I use Camunda 8.
I found solution, it was wrong variable name mapping in Inputs.

    public Map<String, Object> checkExternalAml(@Variable String type, @Variable String clientId,
                                                @Variable LocalDate subDate, @Variable String name) {
        ExternalAmlCheckRequest.ClientType clientType = ExternalAmlCheckRequest.ClientType.valueOf(type);

        ExternalAmlCheckRequest request = ExternalAmlCheckRequest.builder()

        ExternalAmlCheckResponse response = creditCheckClient.checkAml(request);

        String outputMessageKey = switch (clientType) {
            case FL ->  OUTPUT_MESSAGE_KEY_V1;
            case UL -> OUTPUT_MESSAGE_KEY_V2;
            default -> throw new IllegalStateException(String.format("Not Implemented %s", clientType));

        return Map.of(outputMessageKey, response.isSuccess());
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Thanks for letting me know you got a solution :slight_smile:

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