Inputs and Outputs on Link Throw Event not working, while on Link Catch Event they do

Inputs and Outputs configured on a Link Intermediate Throw Event have no effect, while on a Link Intermediate Catch Event they do. In the attached bpmn model, the variables link_catch_input and link_catch_output are created, the variables link_throw_input and link_throw_output are not. This is kind of unexpected, the documentation says camunda:inputOutput extension should work (Link Events | Is this the inteded behaviour? If yes, it should be documented.

link-event.bpmn (5.3 KB)

I’m curious why you’d want to define inputs and outputs on link events. For me, link events is just a way to avoid lines that would run through the process diagram. Hence they should not have any inputs, outputs, mappings etc.


Hello @jens ,

if you have a reproducible example (like a unit test), could you please create a bug ticket?