Installation of Camunda in more than one nodes


We plan to install Camunda on 2 servers and have an external load balancer in front of these servers, to distribute the calls.
My question is if each of the two process engines should have its own DB, or if they can operate on top of the same DB.

Thank you

@gtriant Both the applications should share the same database

  1. Is this approach tested and proven?
  2. Therefore it is irrelevant which of the consoles we would be using, right?
  3. Is there something to be concerned about regarding reprocessing failed processes? Does it make any difference if we manage a process that failed while running on machine A from machine B?

Thank you

  1. Yes, many people have applied this pattern
  2. If by consoles you mean the deployed web application, yes, it’s irrelevant. If resources or sticky sessions are an issue, you could consider deploying the engines without the webapp, scaling those. Then deploy the webapp separately, just once. It depends a lot on your use case for the webapp.
  3. No, background work and requests can be handled by any node and they can swap the work udring the execution of a single process instance without issue. Camunda takes care of that for you.
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Many thanks!