Integrate Camunda with Android , Angular and Spring boot application

There is exactly what i want to do
1-Form to fill by the client to ask for credit (Android).
2-The bank agent get all credit requests ( List ) (Angular).
3-click on the request to examine
4-Validate or decline
if validate ( ask the client for confirmation ) : example ( u want to confirm ur request ? 2 buttons : yes or no ) (Android).
if yes ( send credit ).
if not ( end )
if Decline ( Send a decline message to the client )
What should i do step by step and thank you very much .

Okay I would do it the following:

  1. The Form is the start event. So you could use a REST call to start the process, via message:

  2. Is a user task in your process. If you want to display all created user task in your own frontend you can query for the tasks using the REST API

  3. Click on the request: display one task to the user. You can query for a single task with the following REST CALL:
    You can even assign the task to the user if they work on it:

  4. In that Task the user needs to set a Variable that say yes or no, so that could be a Boolean

  5. If he decided he can then have a complete Button, that one should send back a complete Call towards the Engine, with the set Variable

  6. The process can evaluate the variable at an XOR Gateway. If it is approved the next task is send credit and if not the next task is send a decline message


Thank you very much for your effort .