Integrate Optimize with custom microservice #optimize

How to create custom reports in Optimize?
I have few details which are persisted in a custom table,I want to get these records and display it on OPTIMIZE

Hi @rahulnanda24
To understand your question I’m going to need some more information on what exactly you’re trying to achieve.
Are the records you’re looking to display in Optimize stored in the engine DB and if so, in what form (eg as variables)? Or is this external data that relates to some of your processes which you wish to import to Optimize?

Hi @Helene
This is external data that relates to the some of processes and I want to import it to Optimize.

Hi @rahulnanda24 ,

Is this data something that can be expressed through variables associated with specific existing engine instances? If so you have the option to ingest external variables with our External Variable Ingestion API.