Integrating Camunda with AWS SQS

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We’re in the process of evaluating Camunda for our project and have a basic question around microservices orchestration.

In our design, the workflow service is expected to be creating a new process instance when a new AWS SQS queue message based event is received.
Based on what I understand, we should be using a message event as the starting trigger point of the process. I was on the search for any documentation for such integration between Camunda and AWS SQS and had no luck in finding any references.

Could any of you please point me to any relevant information/ documentation? Would be much appreciated. A reference to any queue based events mechanism would help.

Thanks team.


you could use Springboot to deploy your process application. Then all you need is an SQS listener which on receipt of a message, calls the process engine’s runtime API to start a process instance (you dont need a message start event, but you can still use one, this just affects which java API you use…)

An SQS listern in SpringBoot is very easy, have a look at this sample tutorial or this one

Thus your message listen method can use code such as;


to start a process instance…


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Hey there,

Thanks a lot for the input.
I managed to get the flow to work.

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