Intermediate Signal Event subscriber

I have several Intermediate Signal event subscribers in my process flow, but when I deploy the Process, I do not see these subscribers registered in ACT_RU_EVENT_SUBSCR table. The table has a entry for the start signal event subscriber from a process that is kicked off by the same signal event.

Should I see the subscribers for intermediate signal event as well? If yes what could be wrong? This is Springconfig application, do I need to do anything special for intermediate event listners to receive the broadcast signal? As of now only the start event gets the signal that is broadcasted.

Hi @adat,

the subscription is created when the element is entered. This is the point where the signal can be received by the process instance. The subscription of the start event is created on deployment because an instance can be created after that.

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@Philipp_Ossler . Thank you for the reply.

If I make a subprocess/ embedded sub process with a start signal event would that get registered or will it also get activated only when the process flow reaches the sub/embeded process?

If you have an event-sub-process with a signal start event then the subscription is created when the scope of the sub-process is created. So in case of a top-level sub-process, the subscription would be created on start.