Intermediate Throw message Events - Implementation Connector not triggering? FIXED

I am working in the Camunda Docker container with default setup.

I have a intermediate message throw event that uses Connector / http-connector.

The Docs say that Throw messages are the same as a Service Task, but they don’t seems to function the same.

Same setup between the message event vs service task, but the message event does not execute/send to the web service. The Service Task works as expected.

I am using the modeler 1.1.1.

ideas on what i am missing?


edit: ya so tested some more… unless i am really missing some here, Connector: http-connector does not execute/run in a intermediate throw message event. If you change the same event to a Expression, it runs as expected.

Hi Stephen,

currently, connectors are not supported for intermediate message events / message end event. We have an open pull request to support them. See CAM-6365.

Best regards,

Thanks. I see this is scheduled for 7.6. Any potential release timeframe?

Looks like CAM-6365 was fixed and solution merged on July 15 :slight_smile: thanks!