Intermediate Time Catch events - Timer type Date

Hi ,

Can we use Timer Type as Date for the Intermediate Time Catch events ?
I can see that In my Modeler Camunda 8.2 bpmn doesnt support Timer Type as Date , It supports Duration for the Intermediate Time Catch events.
Timer events | Camunda Platform 8 Docs

However If I upgrade my BPMN version to 8.3(alpha) I can enter Timer Type as Date.

Can I run 8.3alpha BPMN file with 8.2 camunda installation ?
I do not see any issue now when I run. But would there be any future complications I need to consider ?

I use spring-boot-starter-camunda 8.2.4 in my application to trigger camunda process.

Shilpa Chalke

I have the same issue in Camunda Desktop Modeler v 5.16.0 (latest). I can use Date and it works fine in runtime 8.3. But the modeler says “Type not supported” for Date. It only allows Duration.
I just set Date in the model XML manually, and everything works fine. Is it an error in the modeler or is it intended to not support Date anymore?