Interrupting timer boundary event with service task

Hello, I use zebee 0.23.1.
I have the following workflow, I expect the “Create payment” task to be cancelled after 5 minutes and “Notify customer” task to be started, but actual result is process hangs on the task “Create payment” and “Notify customer” is never reached. Please point me, what I do wrong
My timer definition is “PT300000S”

Hi @domeowept,

first, welcome to the Zeebe community :tada:

I think there is something wrong with the definition of your timer. PT300000S is qual to PT83H20M. So, the timer waits for 3 days :grin:

The correct expression for 5 minutes is PT5M.

Does this help you?

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Yes, thank you. My stupid mistake :smile:
You saved my day

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