Is it possible to log incidents for failure and still continue with the flow

Hi Team, Is it possible to log incidents for failures/ exception but still continue with the flow.This incident can be pulled later for review.

Shilpa Chalke

Hi @ShilpaN.Chalke,

An incident indicates a problem and it blocks the current execute path. Read more about incidents here: Incidents | Camunda 8 Docs

However, you could model a parallel flow using a parallel gateway. If an incident occurs in one flow then the parallel flow can be still executed.

ok. Thanks.

@Philipp_Ossler I have one more question related to incident -

Consider a use case for message correlation followed by a service task which does some business logic calculations -
I received a message correlation event with process variables having incorrect data and hence an error occurred in service task, and incident was created after 3 retries.

Next time I received another new message correlation with process variables, but this time with correct data and the service task passed. Now I want to close/ cancel the incident raised earlier due to data issue. Can this be achieved through Operate or Programmatically ?

Shilpa Chalke

Good question. :+1:

Can this be achieved through Operate or Programmatically ?

In Operate, you could mark the incident as resolved and retry the service task.

Or, you could model this part directly in your process. For example, by using a message boundary event on the service task. Assuming that the task failed because of missing data. If a new message is received, the task is executed again and the previous incident is resolved.

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