is it possible to trigger timer boundary events immediately?

Hi, we are in the process of migrating camunda 7 application to camunda 8.

We have a functional test where we need to test the boundary event flow and it needs timer to be triggered during the test. How can this be achieved in camunda 8?

Hi @ravi116 :wave: For tests, we typically recommend zeebe-process-test. It allows you to increase the engine time to ensure timer events are triggered.

Here’s an example: zeebe-process-test/examples/src/test/java/io/camunda/zeebe/process/test/examples/ at 61f52310923e330695e477a858c32074c8e6dce5 · camunda/zeebe-process-test · GitHub

Alternatively, you could use a FEEL-expression for your timer using a process variable to set the timer, where you could use a different variable in production and testing. However, that means cluttering your process with testing-related definitions, which is suboptimal.

Hope it helps :bowing_man:

Hi @korthout,

Thank you for the reply. This is for functional tests where we would like to have the actual camunda running instead of test containers.

Haven’t used zeebe-process-test, will give it a try.

Other suggestion to change timer variable also might work.

Hi @korthout,

I have tried updating the timer using the process variable, however the timer has already started so any update is not having any impact on the timer