Is it possible to use separate history table for each process in Camunda?

Hi Team,
We have act_hi_detail table which store all the process history variable.
Is there anyway where we can have separate hi_detail table for each process instead of having one table for all the process?
If yes, Can you please guide me with the implementation?

Hi @Maulin,

You need to implement a custom history backend. The custom backend could then store the data in multiple custom tables.

Below is an example of a custom history event handler which saves History to the Camunda DB tables (for use in Cockpit and Queries) and additionally saves it to a separate History Backend.

Thank you so much for the replay Hassang,
I have used this custom history backend to filter out my variables which are being stored into the History table. However I am not able to find the configuration to store the data into different tables based on the processes.

My requirement is to have a separate table for each process in same database.
I.e. If I have two process installed in my server named as process1 and process2 then I want to have two different history table for each process, History table should like act_hi_detail_process1 and act_hi_detail_process2. where process1 data will be stored into act_hi_detail_process1 table and same goes with process 2.

We are using Camunda 7.9.0.