Is Operate able to work with pre existing exported data?


In case I have pre data exported for some period of time, months or years,

Will Operate be able to scroll the existing data and generate its own?



Hi Asaf,
in theory yes, but there are some conditions that must be met:

  1. the data must be created with one single Zeebe cluster
  2. when we start the import in Operate we read information about partitions from Zeebe, meaning that you must still have Zeebe running when importing in Operate. (Here the workaround is possible though, you can run empty instance of Zeebe with the same amount of partitions)
  3. In case you upgraded Zeebe, you will have indices of different versions (version is in the name of the index). Operate is able to import data of similar or previous minor version of Zeebe. This means that you must subsequently run Operate of different versions so that they load data one after another and it’s important to start with the earliest versions.

This is all “in theory”, we never tested this before and I can’t tell you now, if my assumptions above will be applicable for future versions of Zeebe and Operate. Could you may be describe your use case?

Best regards,