Is there a simple way to override a properties panel component behaviour?

Good morning,
I am working on upgrading my plugins to Camunda Modeler 5.0 and I am a bit stuck on a thing. I have to edit the behaviour of an existing field on properties panel (in my case, the MessageRef field) because I need to call one of my specific events on setValue.
Is there a simple way to do it without re-writing the component and replacing it on the propertiesProvider#getGroups call?

Hi! I think this is not easily possible at the moment. When having a look at the groups definitions (source: CodeSandbox), you see that the rendered components (component) are simple functions and are not easy to configure:


I think overriding the MessageRef component is the only way to achieve that for the moment.

If you think overriding in a more fine-grained manner is a reasonable extension use case, feel free to create a feature request :+1:

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Hello @Niklas_Kiefer , thank you for your fast answer :slight_smile:
I made a feature request on bpmn-js-examples, should I create one on bpmn-js-properties-panel, or can you move that?

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I moved it, thanks :+1:

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