Is this warning in Camunda Run console a problem?

In the console of Camunda Run I am getting multiple warnings saying
" WARN 10464 — [nio-8080-exec-2] o.g.jersey.server.wadl.WadlFeature : JAXBContext implementation could not be found. WADL feature is disabled."

Is this a problem and if yes, what should I do about it?

Thanks in advance

Hi @jaxx , were you able to resolved this issue?

Getting similar error while using docker to start up camunda with a war file deployment.
I have added the following dependencies to the POM file but the error persists.

javax.xml.bind jaxb-api 2.3.0-b170201.1204 javax.activation activation 1.1 org.glassfish.jaxb jaxb-runtime 2.3.0-b170127.1453

JAXBContext implementation could not be found. WADL feature is disabled tomcat

What version of Java are you using?
It could be because you’re using a version above 11.

Thanks for your quick response…
I am using java version 11. I will downgrade it and see if it helps. Thanks

I am using also version 11 of java (amazon corretto)
Doesn’t Camunda Run work with version 11?

It does indeed work with 11 - it doesn’t work with 15 or 16 right now :slight_smile:

Is there some setting which I have to do (or some jar to add) when using java 11, in order to avoid this warning?
(not sure which functionality in the BPM is influenced by this…)

I’m not too sure myself about that error or how it affects things.
Is anything not working correctly?

I have some problems with the REST API, which are being discussed in another thread, but not sure if it is related to this

EDIT: The problems in the othe thread resolved, so this warning was not causing them

It was just a warning and it does not cause any issues for me later