It's possible to get JobClient status?

When task has interrupting event then only when finishing can “get” status about this task (ClientStatusException).
It’s possible implement getStatus() method to query task status?
Example if we have a long, multi step process, that we can’t split (not worth it) in BPMN, we can check task status, and if it’s already cancelled we stop our process too.
Or can we get some extra informations via ActivatedJob

  • get boundary events and these properties
  • get interrupting timer event properties
  • etc

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Tamas Sipos

Hi Tamas,

currently, there is no way to query the job status. You only know that the job is canceled then the complete job command is rejected.

Splitting the long-running task into multiple steps in the workflow is your best option if the task should be canceled.

However, you could use the exporter API to see when a job is canceled. Then, the exporter can send a notification to the worker to cancel the task execution. There are some community projects which could cover this case, for example, using the Hazelcast exporter.

Does this help you?

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Follow this issue:

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Is this issue supported by zeebe-client-csharp?

This is not supported on the broker yet, so none of the clients support it.

The JavaScript Workit client from Ville de Montreal supports querying status, but it uses the ElasticSearch export.

In other words, now I can’t get the value returned by the entire process in the synchronous way in the client side. (c# client)

eg: var response = await _client.start(workflowKey).send();
var data = response.outcome;

No, you can’t. See the GitHub issue.