JavaDelegate is not available when creating Class

Dear team,

I am working on Tutorial: Camunda for Java Developers. However, when creating a new class to perform the Service task, i cannot select the JavaDelegate for the class. It is totally empty to select.

May i ask if it is because of the version of my JDK ? I am using JDK 16

Thank you


@Fred_Vo Camunda doesn’t support yet JDK 16. You should consider downgrading JDK16 to JDK14.

Refer this page for supported versions:

I have downgrade to JDK14 but still cannot view the JavaDelegate class. Do you have any ideas ? Thank you so much

@Fred_Vo Could you upload your pom.xml file?

pom.xml (7.2 KB)

here please

pom.xml file looks good. Have you found any errors while running this maven command?

mvn clean install

If you haven’t run this command for this project, run this command and then check in your eclipse.

Fantastic. I can see it now after run the command. Thank you so much, it may be a root cause that i did not run it.

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@Fred_Vo Glad it worked. Enjoy :slight_smile: