JobEntity Customization

I have need to customize the JobEntity in Camunda.

Is there any way I can customize JobEntity?

Thanks & Best Regards,
Ritesh Patel

Hi Ritesh Patel,

What is the use case behind this questions?


Hi Thorben,

I have customized incident handler which creates the Manual task in external system.

For this, I am sending error details(json format) in error messages while throwing exception.
In custom incident handler i used to parse this error message and send create task request to external system with json data.

But, in JobEntity exception message is truncated to 666 char.
In my case the error detail json may larger than 666 char.

public void setExceptionMessage(String exceptionMessage) {
if(exceptionMessage != null && exceptionMessage.length() > MAX_EXCEPTION_MESSAGE_LENGTH) {
this.exceptionMessage = exceptionMessage.substring(0, MAX_EXCEPTION_MESSAGE_LENGTH);
} else {
this.exceptionMessage = exceptionMessage;

What is reason for set this limit?

I want to increase this limit.

Thanks & Best Regards.