JobExecutor - Multiple Job Invocations after job is no more locked

Hello together,

we have some long running tasks which take longer than the default “lockTimeInMillis” of 5 Minutes.
They are async, exclusive and have 0 retries set.
After the 5 Minutes are past the JobExecutor again acquires the same job and executes it again. We then have 2 instances of that job running. After some time a 3rd instance is started. The very first job finishes, frees up a thread and the JobExecutor executes another instance. This can go on for a while. OLEs will also follow

Regarding this I have two questions:
1.) I understand that I can adjust the “lockTimeInMillis” and set it to 30 or 60 minutes.
But this would be global and we might have some tasks in future which will be running even longer (and we do not have external tasks yet).
Is there a possibility to define the lockTime on the BPMN or sth. like that?
2.) The “exclusive” flag seems not to affect this behaviour of having two jobs running at the same time, right?
From docs here it sounded like that:

An exclusive job cannot be performed at the same time as another exclusive job from the same process instance.

Thx very much in advance

Camunda 7.16.0
Tomcat Standalone Deployment
WFLs are running in a deployed WAR as ProcessApplication