Kafka connect zeebe not working

Hi! I’m currently working on a project that plans to use zeebe with kafka to orchestrate microservices. I tried to follow the tutorial from kafka-connect-zeebe

  • github.com/zeebe-io/kafka-connect-zeebe/tree/master/examples/microservices-orchestration

I was able to upload the connectors (sink and source), create a instance and the worker successfully, but the instance got stuck right on the first task (maybe because the source connector is not working).

I’m running Zeebe 0.24.0 on Kubernetes from GCP, deployed by Helm using Zeebe Full Chart 0.0.85

  • github.com/zeebe-io/zeebe-helm

The files that I modified for deployment:

  • [values YAML] - pastebin.com/Gjw8Sjxc
  • [source JSON] - pastebin.com/KM5XGZyp
  • [sink JSON] - pastebin.com/5xL7JRFq

I found some logs from Kafka-Connect and Zeebe, that could give a clue about my issue:

Logs from kafka-connect:

  • pastebin.com/unin2v1a
  • pastebin.com/dgPGQr1Z

Logs from Zeebe Broker:

  • pastebin.com/x7MVUBRn

The connectors created the topics on kafka, but the “source” topic never get any message published by zeebe.

(Sorry about the links, the forum does not allow me to post links directly)

Thank you.