Keep session alive with an external html form

Dear Camunda community,

We are using external forms with Camunda shared engine 7.9. Our time-out session in Tomcat is limited to 15 min as per network sec policies. We would be keen to execute a periodic REST call from the opened html form to keep session alive, so when user submits the form (average time to complete form exceeds 15 min) tasklist app would not show login screen. Would appreciate your advice on this.

P.S. This does not affect capability to submit data with the form, but rather confuses users.

Best regards,

I’m just wondering if it’s a good idea to work around some network security policies?
You can do so by sending some Ajax request most probably.

Hi Felix,

I am not looking for a way to bend some policies, but rather looking for a way to support ones. So, when user is interacting with a form I track user activities with a bootstrap plugin ( and In order to keep session alive want to send some inexpensive queries. I believe Tasklist & Cockpit are doing something similar. So my question is - what is a good REST API call to replicate that?