Lack of support for double number type in generated user task forms

with the heavy usage of javascript throughout camunda as a scripting language, the lack of support for double number type means that we are converting to string and converting back to number/double whenever want to work with numbers in javascript.

Long is available but without the decimal precision it becomes a burden when using Js as the scripting language.

Any hope of having double added as a supported type out of the box?

Hi Stephen,

Camunda is an open source project that anyone can contribute to :slight_smile:
In the Camunda core team, we are currently not planning to build features in the area of generated forms.


Hi Thorben,

FYI - my next hobby project is an XSLT which extracts form and field definitions from BPMN files and generates forms. In the first instance Im trying to generate formly javascript. I’ll let you know how it goes. My intent is if I can buld a rapid prototype based on declarative forms etc, once its stable, generate custom external forms etc…



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Hey Rob

We are actively looking at and their form builder:

The formio server will take care of all validations and with some additional modifications to the server we can load data and push data to camunda through the API. You can currently do the push, but pull must still be done through Camunda JS SDK and the related html attributes.

Form key would be uid of formio form.

if you are interested, or anyone else, can chat some more about it.

Hi Rob,

That sounds like an interesting little project. Would be great if you could share some code once you have something working.